The Mother Lode Mineral Society
Our Club

We are a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization.
Established 1936

Our club is devoted to educating, enlightening and educating its members and the public in many areas evolving from its mission in the earth sciences and lapidary arts. The club participates in, teaches and promotes classes at the Modesto Junior College in beginning and advanced lapidary, beginning and advanced jewelry making, lost wax casting, stone setting, wire wrapping, beading, gem carving, intarsia and faceting.

Additionally we have programs at our club meetings on fossils, geology and florescent minerals for our junior and regular members as well as participating in regularly scheduled field trips to seek out and collect rocks, minerals and fossils.

Club Meetings

Annual Potluck Party & Sell-A-Thon - 1:00pm Start

This meeting will be moved up to a 1:00 Start time. There will not be a jr rockhound meeting in September but Jr's are encouraged to attend with their parents and there will be a break while we have our membership meeting. This will be a Pot Luck meeting starting at 1:00 and our annual SELL-A-THON will start after 12:00 as soon as dealers are ready. There will be tables inside available on a first come first served basis. Inside dealers can only have one table each so we give everybody a shot at an inside table. There will be tables outside for dealers and they can have as many as they want. Set up will start at 12:00 inside and outside.

August 31st Board Meeting

3500 Oakdale Rd, Modesto

September 5th General Meeting
SeeAnnouncement above
General Meeting Location
Tuolumne River Lodge
2429 River Rd., Modesto, CA 95351

The Mother Lode Mineral Society is one of the premier gem and mineral clubs in Central California with a prize winning monthly publication called the Ghost Sheet and one of the largest annual Gem, Mineral and Fossil shows in the state. During this time, our normal monthly meetings are suspended. We are trying out virtual online meetings for members.

What we do as a part of our club.

Annual Show


Junior Rockhounds



Shows & Events

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